About Steve Fair

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Dad built a darkroom for me in our basement in the early 1970s so I could pursue my photography interest and develop my own B&W film and prints. He did this even after I accidently walked off a boat dock with his beautiful, new, Kodak Retina Reflex around my neck and watched the shutter rust before my very eyes! I shot for my High School year book and went on photo walks with like-minded friends. I have a few volumes of the Encyclopedia of Photography and took a correspondence course sending in lessons that got graded and mailed back. My photographic activity waned after high school but came back in 2004 with the purchase of a Minolta 35mm film camera and then an upgrade to Sony digital in 2008. Today I strive to produce photos that bring joy to those who see them. Since I rarely travel to exotic places I seek conditions of light, weather, time and points of view that capture everyday scenes looking their best.

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